Family Photography during Corona days and after

In the last couple of weeks, we have been at home for obvious reasons. I had some projects in mind that I postponed. I believe there is no better time than putting them into reality, right now. Some of you may know that I am a portrait photographer, living in Amsterdam and primarily take portraits of kids and families. The reason why portrait photography excites me so much is that it gives me a chance to capture and save precious moments from people’s lives and stories. So collecting memories that they will treasure for many years… That’s exactly what excites me! 

It is always (except Corona days!) possible to document your story by arranging a photographer which happens mostly on special occasions, but our lives are more than just new births, birthdays, parties or travels. Even on days that we think of as an ordinary one, there are so many beauties that excite us! That’s why we can’t drop our phones and take photos all the time. Then it is followed by sending those photos to a couple of people and sharing them on our social accounts. After a while, we, unfortunately, have folders that have been turned into visual pollution; in which we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we had to delete some because we had no space, or we sent it to the clouds somewhere in the distance. 

Whether you hire a photographer or not, you can always create meaningful photos of your family with better quality by yourself and you can manage to store these images in better methods.

Such a thing as social isolation would not have come to our minds but it is a reality we live in now. So it is not really possible to hire a photographer… So here is your chance to give it a try and document your family life! Cause life goes on and it doesn’t matter whether we are inside or out. 

I hear and watch that families with children are facing many difficulties due to being together 24/7, but I truly know that they also have very joyful and crazy moments that can be beautifully collected. As a result, I am here to give you some tips & tricks that can be useful during Corona days and after. 

I hope that you’ll enjoy this series as much as I enjoy creating them for you, and use it to create a priceless, beautiful collection of family photos that you will enjoy for a lifetime. 

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